Why Python is the Best AI Programming Language

Hello Tech Lovers, Python has proven to be the most efficient programming language for artificial intelligence and machine learning problems. Everyone wants to use Python for their AI and ML projects for various reasons. Today in this article we are going to discuss why Python is the best AI programming language. The demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning is increasing with the passage of time, and programming languages play a very important role in solutions to AI and ML problems.

Why Python is the Best AI Programming Language?

1- Great Library Ecosystem:

One of the main reasons for choosing the Python programming language for machine learning problems is the great library ecosystem of Python. There are a number of libraries available in the Python programming language that help machine learning engineers solve AI and ML problems. A library is a module or a group of modules that contains pre-written code from different sources. 

There are some amazing libraries that we use in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. For example Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow, MatPlotLib, etc.

2- A Low Entry Barrier:

The syntax of the Python programming language resembles the English language, so it is easy to learn python as compared to other programming languages. In Artificial intelligence and Machine learning projects, Data Scientists spend most of their time processing big data, so it is not good to waste time learning difficult programming languages. 

Python is very easy to learn for example we want to print a string on the screen we will just need one line of code in python to print the string but if we talk about other programming languages then we have to write a couple of lines of code only to print a single string.

3- Flexibility:

Python for machine learning and artificial intelligence is the best choice because it is the most flexible programming language. Programmers can choose OOPs or scripting while programming. It is a choice in the Python programming language. Python is also compatible with other programming languages, so we can use Python or other programming languages to achieve our goals.

Python also allows developers to program in different programming styles to get their tasks done efficiently. Here is the list of some styles a developer can use:

  • Imperative Style
  • Procedural Style
  • The Functional Style
  • Object-Oriented Style

4- Popularity:

According to the research performed by Stack Overflow in 2020, Python is one of the top 5 most popular programming languages. Python is also the most commonly used programming language in web development, like the Django and Flask frameworks for Python for web backend development. In this era of artificial intelligence, we need to deploy our machine learning model on the web. In this case, I think Django is the best choice to develop the backend and deploy the model. 

5- Readability:

Python is a highly readable programming language, so developers can easily understand the code. The syntax of Python is easy and straightforward. Unlike other programming languages, it is not very complicated at all. Therefore, if we talk about the use of the best AI programming language in ML/AI, then developers can easily modify and write code for complex models.

6- Amazing Visualization Options:

As we have already mentioned above, we have a number of pre-written libraries in Python and some of them are amazing for the visualization of data. “MatPlotLib” is the best example of a library for data visualization. We can build graphs of the data with the help of MatPlotLib.

7- Less Coding:

The programming language plays an important role in making the overall process easy. and is a very easy programming language. We have a lot of built-in libraries to use and achieve our goals. So, we don’t do much coding because of the pre-defined packages in Python.

8- Speed of Execution:

Have you ever trained any complex model? If yes, then you must know that the training model in machine learning especially in deep learning lasts for hours or even days. so this is a challenge for us to execute our process fast, in this scenario we have the best fast programming language which is python. Python is a highly readable programming language, formulas in python can be executed easily.

9- Platform Independence:

Python for Artificial Intelligence is Platform Independence. What we mean is that Python for machine learning development is compatible with all platforms like Windows, Linux, etc. If we have written code for one platform, then we can easily convert it to another platform by just modifying some lines of code. PyInstaller is a Python library that helps us convert code from one platform to another.

10- Community Support:

Community support for a programming language is always very helpful for programmers. Python is an open-source programming language, so there are a lot of resources available on the internet that we can use. 
Also, Python is very well documented, with almost everything available in the documentation. On Python community platforms and forums, programmers can discuss errors and find solutions.


We have discussed today why Python is the best programming language for machine learning and deep learning projects. Python is the best programming language, You can also use Python in web development. Django is the most popular framework for web backend development. Thanks for reading this article. Keep visiting our blog. Thank you.

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