Top 5 Best Object Detection Algorithms 2022

What is Object Detection?

Object detection is one of the problems in the area of computer vision where we can detect and recognize the object within the picture. In object detection, we find where is the object and what is the object in the picture. We can also apply object detection algorithms to videos. 

Object detection algorithms draw bounding boxes around the object in the picture, recognize the object according to the trained model, and print the name of the object on the screen.

Real-Time Object Detection:

Real-time detection is the detection of the desired object in real time. We detect the object and recognize it in real-time, and name the object at the same time. We use high-quality cameras that capture the object.

In this article, we are going to see some real-time object detection algorithms.

Top 5 Best Object Detection Algorithms:


R-CNN is the Region-Based Convolutional Based neural network is the combination of a regional proposal network and a convolutional network. R-CNN uses deep learning and it achieves excellent object accuracy. It can be trained with a small amount of annotated images and can provide a good result. R-CNN can scale thousands of object classes without using hashing etc. 


Fast R-CNN is an object detection algorithm written in Python and C++. We can say this algorithm is the improved version of the R-CNN while improving its accuracy and speed. Training is the single stage in Fast-R-CNN.

Faster R-CNN: 

Faster R-CNN is the object detection algorithm that is similar to R-CNN. This algorithm uses the Region Proposal network in a cost-effective manner. Region Proposal Network is the convolutional neural network that is used to predict the bounding boxes of the object in the image and the objectness score at each position. Faster R-CNN reduces the total number of region proposals by using the region proposal network.

Single Shot Detector:

SSD is an object detection algorithm that detects the object in the image using a single deep neural network. The SSD network combines predictions from multiple feature maps with various resolutions to naturally handle objects of different sizes. SSD is easy to train and can be integrated easily into any system that requires a detection component. A single-shot detector eliminates subsequent pixel and feature resampling stages or proposal generation and combines all computations into a single network.

YOLO (You Only Look Once):

YOLO is the fastest object detection algorithm in real time. YOLO performs classification and bounding box regression at the same time in one step. YOLO is 1000 times faster than R-CNN and 100 times faster than Fast R-CNN. The YOLO object detection algorithm uses the Single Shot Network.

YOLO uses features from the whole image to predict the bounding boxes. YOLO is an end-to-end training algorithm that can detect an object in real time with excellent accuracy. The YOLO model processes images in real-time at 45 frames per second.


We have analyzed different object detection algorithms. If you want to object detection algorithm for Real-Time object detection YOLO is the best choice. If still, you have any confusion please comment below I will reply to you ASAP. Thank you

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