NayaPay vs SadaPay : Best Debit Card In Pakistan

What is NayaPay and SadaPay?

NayaPay vs. SadaPay: Both are new microfinance banking systems in Pakistan like PayPal, Payoneer, and JazzCash. Both operate under an “Electronic Money Institution” license issued by the “State Bank of Pakistan”.

Easypaisa and JazzCash are the products of Telenor Microfinance Bank and Mobilink Microfinance Bank respectively, While SadaPay and NayaPay are operating under a non-banking entity with an EMI license from the State Bank of Pakistan.


SadaPay is an EMI that is registered as “SadaTech Pakistan Pvt Ltd” with the “SECP” and is regulated by the “State Bank of Pakistan”.

Features of SadaPay

  • The physical debit card of SadaPay is numberless.
  • No annual fee on debit cards.
  • Virtual debit card for online payments (I personally like this feature).
  • Free 3 ATM withdrawals in a month.
  • You can control your cards from the SadaPay mobile app.
  • Quick money transfer.
  • Live chat support / Customer Support.

Cons of SadaPay

  • Long waitlist
  • Referral system (10 referrals to get an instant card)
  • No mobile top-up option for now.
  • Rs-120 charges on Biometric verification.


NayaPay is also an EMI registered under “NayaPay Pvt Ltd” and operating under a license from the “SBP”.

Features of NayaPay

  • No waitlist, you will get your account verified in a couple of minutes.
  • No annual fee on cards.
  • You can deposit cash from any Meezan and Askari bank branches.
  • Free biometric verification from any Meezan bank ATM.
  • Free virtual card for online payments.
  • You can easily freeze and unfreeze cards from your mobile app easily.

Cons of NayaPay

  • No IOS support for now.

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