How to get Google AdSense Approval On Blogger (BlogSpot)

Do you want to get AdSense approval on your Blogger (BlogSpot) blog? It is one of the most asked questions about Blogger. “How to get AdSense approval on Blogger?” So today, in this article, I am going to show you some tips to get fast Google AdSense approval on the Blogger website.

Why Do People Want Google AdSense Approval On Blogger?

As we know, a blogger can earn a good amount of money from his/her Blog in different ways. We can put ads from different AdNetworks but Google AdSense on Blogger is one of the highest-paid ad networks. This is the reason why Bloggers want Google AdSense Approval on BlogSpot Blog.

Getting Google AdSense Approval on Blogger is Tough?

This is the myth that getting Google AdSense approval is very tough. The truth is that if you follow Google AdSense’s Terms and Conditions, Google AdSense Content Policies, Google AdSense Program Policies, etc., you can get Google AdSense Approval on Blogger easily.

Note: These tips are not only limited to Blogger (BlogSpot) Blogs, You can apply these tips on any Website/Blog.

How do get fast Google AdSense Approval on a Blog?

I am going to provide some tips to get Google AdSense approval easily on BlogSpot. If you follow the tips and tricks, you can get easy and fast Google AdSense approval on your blogger website.

Tips to Get Google AdSense Approved On Blogger:

1- Simple and Clean Template:

I have analyzed many BlogSpot websites, and you know what people use heavy themes/templates to make their website looks professional. However, this is wrong; if you want to get google AdSense approval on the blogger website then you will need to use a lightweight and SEOfriendly template for BlogSpot. Use a lightweight and clean template with a sidebar and easy to navigate.

2- Speed of Website/Blog:

The speed of your website also plays an important role in getting AdSense approval on the blog. Always use the lightweight template. Also, do not add too many widgets because it will slow down your blog or website. Do not add unnecessary scripts; try to optimize your website. If you are not on Blogger, then any other platform needs hosting and you will have to purchase good speedy hosting. If you are on Blogger (BlogSpot), then you do not need to worry about the hosting because Google manages Blogger servers.

3- Avoid using Copyrighted Content:

Never use copyrighted material in your Blogger blog. If you are using Google Images, stop doing it right now because Google AdSense will not monetize copyrighted content. There are many websites on the web which provide no copyright images, like,, etc. Also, do not copy text from other websites. Another risk with copyrighted content is that Blogger is owned by Google, and if Google catches any copyrighted content on your Blogger blog, then Google can suspend your Blogger account without any warning.

4- Add Logo to Your Blogger Blog:

Use your own Logo on your BlogSpot blog, because it shows your seriousness that you are serious and want to take your blog to the next level. Also with your own logo, your blog will look professional, leave a good impression on the Google AdSense team, and get approval easily and fast.

5- Proper Sidebar and Footer:

Make sure your sidebar and footer are AdSense friendly. You can add recent posts, recent comments, popular posts, and email subscription widgets to the blogger’s sidebar. Also in the footer, you can use these widgets. Do not add unnecessary widgets to the sidebar and footer.

6- Add Important Pages for AdSense:

Create important pages for your blog. These pages are Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms of Services, Sitemap, Contact Us, and About Us. Without these pages, Google AdSense approval for BlogSpot is very difficult.

7- Custom Domain for Blogger:

You can get Google AdSense approval on the BlogSpot website with a subdomain like, but you may face some problems and not show your interest. If you purchase a custom top-level domain like, it shows that you have invested something in your blog and that you are highly interested in blogging, and you can get Google AdSense Approval easily on your blog.

8- Write Quality Content:

Now, this is the main point to getting Google AdSense approval on your blog. I think Google AdSense approval is 80% dependent on your website’s content and 20% on the other factors.

To get Google AdSense Approval on Blogger Website you should have 20+ unique articles with 1000+ words. 

Never post Copyrighted content, try to write your own unique content.

9- Traffic to get AdSense Approval:

There is no maximum or a minimum number of visitors to get Google AdSense approval on the Blogger website. However, let me tell you one thing: without enough traffic, AdSense is of no use because, without traffic, you will not earn anything. 

10- Google Search Console:

Make sure you have done your SEO settings properly and that Google bots are easily crawling and indexing your posts. You can check if your articles are indexed on Google or not by writing the site: before your website URL, like If your posts are not indexed by Google, do not apply for AdSense because you will be completely rejected.


Therefore, people, in this article I have shared some tips to get Google AdSense approval on your BlogSpot Blog. If you follow the tips, you will surely get Google AdSense approval on your blog. These tips are not only limited to Blogger, but you can also apply them to WordPress or any other blog. I hope it will assist you in obtaining Google AdSense approval in 2022.

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