How to Create Free Blog on Blogger and Earn Money

Do you want to create a free blog and earn money? Congratulations! You are in the right place. As we know, blogging is one of the most profitable businesses in the era of computers and mobile phones.

People love to read stories, tips, tricks, knowledge, entertainment, news, etc. on blogs. If you have a deep knowledge of any field, you can start your own blog and earn a lot of money by publishing articles on it.

Blogging to Earn Money:

You can earn a decent amount of money from your blog. I have also earned a good amount of money from this blog over the last two years. In the era of technology, everyone wants to earn money online in their free time. And I personally think blogging is the best way to earn money.

How to create a free Blog?

Almost every business needs investment to start a business. Blogging is a business so it also needs investment, you will need to purchase the domain and hosting, etc. Most people are afraid of losing their investment in the field of blogging because of no experience in the field of blogging.

Don’t worry I have a solution for you guys. Today in this article I am going to show you how you can create a free blog using Google’s Blogger and earn money. This article is going to provide all details about the free Blogspot platform, From the creation of the free blog on BlogSpot to earning money.

How to create a blog for free?

You can create a free blog using the Blogger (BlogSpot) platform. Blogger is 100% free. You don’t need to invest even a single penny. I think Blogger is the best platform for beginners, Our website is also on Blogger and most of the articles are ranked on the first page of Google.

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How to create Blogger (Blogspot) Blog for Free?

So the first step is to create a Google account. After the creation of a Google account, we will follow these steps:

Step 01:

Go to –> and Click “CreateYour Blog“.

Step 02: Choose a name for your blog:

You can choose any name for your blog, This name will be the title of your blog.

Step 03: Choose a URL for your blog:

The next step is selecting the URL for your blog. Try to choose a domain that is easy to remember, short (not too short), and SEO-friendly. Try to include the main keyword of your blog, which you have already added in the title of your blogger blog, in your domain. 

Now your Blog is ready, With the default template and settings. The next step is Blog customization. Most of the customization techniques/steps are explained in the FAQs section below keep reading for the best SEO-optimized, eye-catching, ready-to-earn, free Blogger BlogSpot Blog.

FAQs About Blogger (BlogSpot):

Q. Can we Earn Money from Blogger Blogs?

Yes, you can earn a decent amount of money from your Blogger blog, if you have enough traffic on your blog. To bring traffic to your blog, you will have to focus on the SEO of your website. 

Q. How do earn money from Blogger Blogs?

You can connect Adsense with your blog and show Google ads to earn money. There are also some other ways to earn money, like selling affiliate products, sponsoring ads, reviews, etc. 

Q.  How to connect Adsense with Blogger Blog?

Go to “Blogger.Com”, then click on the “Earning” tab, Then you will have to click on “Connect Adsense“.

Q. Can we Migrate from Blogger to Other Platforms?

Yes, most new bloggers start their blogging journey on Blogger (BlogSpot) because it is free and easy to use. After gaining some experience, bloggers migrate their blogs away from BlogSpot. Mostly from Blogger (BlogSpot) to WordPress.

Q. Is Blogger (BlogSpot) Free?

Yes, BlogSpot is 100free. You don’t need to purchase any expensive hosting or domain. Blogspot provides a free domain name with a subdomain like

Also, provide unlimited space to publish articles for free. It means you can start earning without investing a single dollar.

Q. How to add a custom domain in Blogspot Blog?

Your default domain will look like this one:, but you can add a custom domain with your blog if you want, Like, our custom domain.

Q. Can we use the search box in Blogger?

Yes, Blogger has built-in functionality to search for anything on your Blogger website. You can also use CSS to style your search box. Do you want to make your search bar stylish and aesthetic?

Q. Can we customize the comment box in Blogger?

Yes, You have full control to customize your website’s comments box section by using some CSS code.

Q. Can we use the email subscription widget in Blogger (BlogSpot)?

Yes, You can use the email subscription widget on your website to collect the email address of readers and can send an email when you post new articles on your blog

Note: Blogger’s own email subscription widget does not work after July 2021. read more…

Q. Can we remove the date and .html extension from Blogger Post URL?

Yes, you can remove the date and HTML extension from the Blogger post URL with some JavaScript code.

Q. Can we remove m=1? from Blogger URL?

Yes, you can easily remove m=1 from the Blogger URL by using JavaScript code.

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