How to Check Ufone MBs | Ufone MB Check Code

If you don’t know how to check Ufone MBs, you have come to the right place. Today I will show you how to check Ufone MBs and provide you with the Ufone MB check code.

I will tell you different methods to check the Ufone remaining MBs and will also let you know how to check Ufone’s Super Card Balance.

how to check ufone mbs

How to Check Remaining MBS in Ufone?

Here are some methods to check the remaining Ufone MBs. We are going to discuss three methods to check Ufone MBs.

Method 1: Using Ufone MB Check Code

You can check the Ufone remaining MBs by dialing *706# for Rs 0.24.

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Steps to Use Ufone MB Check Code:

Step 01:

Open Mobile Dial Pad

Step 02:

Dial *706# to check the remaining Ufone MBs

Step 03:

Rs. 0.24 will be changed for this service

Ufone MB Check CodeDial *706#

Method 2: Check Ufone MBs using Ufone App

By using Ufone App you can check the remaining MBs of daily, weekly, or monthly internet bundles on your Ufone prepaid SIM.

When you check Ufone remaining Mbs by Ufone MB Check Code Ufone charges Rs .24 from your account.

If you want to check free Ufone Mbs then I will suggest you use Ufone App for Mbs Check.

Steps to Use Ufone App for MBs Check:

Step 01:

Install Ufone App from Google Play Store

Step 02:

Login to your Ufone App for the remaining data check

On the home page of the Ufone app, you will be able to check your free Ufone Mbs, Minutes, and SMS.

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Method 3: Check Ufone MBs using Selfcare Service

Ufone Self-Care Service is similar to Ufone App but you don’t need to download any app. You can directly go to the Ufone SelfCare website and login into your account. You can check Ufone remaining data from Ufone’s self-care service.

Steps to Use Ufone Selfcare for MBs Check:

Step 01:

Go to the Ufone Selfcare Service website

Step 02:

Register/Login to your account. You will be redirected to the dashboard, where you can check Ufone remaining MBs for free.

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How to check Ufone MBs in Ufone PostPaid SIM

If you are a Ufone PostPaid user and want to check the remaining MBs in PostPaid SIM, this method is for you. This method is very easy and similar to PrePaid users but the code is different to check free MBs in Ufone PostPaid SIM.

Follow these steps to check the remaining MBs in your Ufone postpaid SIM.

Step 01:

Open Mobile Dial Pad

Step 02:

Dial *4545# to check the remaining Ufone MBs

Step 03:

The charges will be applied for using this service

How to check Ufone Super Card Balance

The code for the checking Ufone Super Card Balance is *124# or you can also dial *336# and choose the correct menu to receive the remaining balance information through SMS.

Conclusion on How to Check Ufone MBs:

So, we discussed the Ufone MB check code and some other ways to check the remaining Ufone MB for free. If there is a problem, you can let me know in the comment section.

Note: We disclaim any non-updated information because the company can change the information or services at any time.

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