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facebook video thumbnail downloader tool

How to Download Facebook Video Thumbnail?

Do you want to download the Facebook video thumbnail? Well, you have come to the right place. You can use this fantastic tool for your Facebook thumbnail download. This Facebook thumbnail downloader tool is free and easy to use.

Have you ever seen the fantastic facebook video thumbnail and really liked it and want to download the Facebook thumbnail? But the problem is you don’t know how to download a Facebook thumbnail.

How to use this Facebook Thumbnail Downloader Tool?

facebook video thumbnail downloader

Steps to Download Facebook Thumbnail using this Tool:

Step 01:

Open and copy the URL of the video.

Step 02:

Now paste the copied link in the box above.

Step 03:

The above picture will be replaced with the Facebook thumbnail.

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You can save Facebook video thumbnails. Below are some steps to save an image on your mobile phone or computer.

Steps to save Facebook video images:

Step 01:

Right-click on the image.

Step 02:

Now click on “Save image as“.

Step 03:

Give the name and location of the file.

Why do people download Facebook thumbnails?

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Most people download Facebook video thumbnails for the following purposes:

  • To save the image in Gallery.
  • Download the Facebook thumbnail for setting Wallpaper.
  • Save the Facebook thumbnail for taking inspiration.
  • You can use a saved design or color scheme for your next Facebook video thumbnail.

How to Download Facebook Video Thumbnail without any Tool?

You can also download Facebook thumbnails without using any tool. Follow these steps to download the Facebook thumbnail without using any tools.

Steps for Facebook video thumbnail download:

Step 01:

Open Facebook in the browser.

Step 02:

Now click on the Facebook video.

Step 03:

Now don’t start the video. Tap on the video and hold for a couple of seconds.

Step 04:

Now click on “download” or “save the image“.

Step 05:

Now specify the location to save the image in your gallery.

All Facebook video thumbnails are copyrighted by video creators. You should not use Facebook thumbnails for your personal projects. You can take inspiration from the Facebook downloaded thumbnails.

Conclusion on Download Facebook Video Thumbnail:

Guys, You can download the Facebook thumbnail using this tool. I have also explained how we can download Facebook video thumbnails without any tool. But why download without any tool, when we have this amazing facebook thumbnail downloader tool?

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