Python Most Required Basics that we Should know

Hello Dear Readers, Today word Python is an in-demand language and it increases its popularity day by day due to its Applications in Machine Learning, Web, and Mobile Apps. But Readers we start Python from the most Abstract Level while don't know about its depth so today my topic is to inform you with some of  "Python Most Required Basics" such as how it comes into being and what actually is the basis on etc. so to avoid boring you lets start those interesting facts about python.


What is Python?

Python is Interpreted, High Level,  object Oriented Programming Language used for general Purpose Programming.
How Python Gets Its Name?
The name of Python comes from the "Monty Python's Flying Circus" comedy Sketch which was broadcast on BBC Television.
Python Founder/Author? 
Python Was Created by a person who was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands in 1956 and his name is "Guido Van Rossum".
Goals of Python?
Python Goals defined by Guido Van Rossum are: Easy and Intuitive, Open Source, Understandable, Suitable for everyday tasks, easy to teach and learn, and easy to obtain, install and deploy
Competitors of Python?
Direct Competitors of Python are Perl and Ruby.
What are Cython, Jython, and PyPy?
Cython automatically translates "Python" code into "C" code. Jython is used to communicate with the existing java interface, but not used in Python 3. Source code of PyPy is translated in C Programming Language and then executed Separately.
What is Python Foundation?

  1. Alphabetically: A Program written in Python needs to be a recognizable script.
  2. Lexically: Python has a dictionary and every developer need to master it.
  3. Synthetically: Python has a set of rules that must be obeyed by us.
  4. Semantically: Python Program has to make sense.
Which Type of Language Python Is?
Python is an interpreted language. if you want to run a python program you will need a python interpreter.
What is an Interpreter?
Interpreter Translate source Program each time that it has to be run. it checks all lines are correct if finds an error so it finishes it works immediately and returns an error.
Advantages of Interpreter?
  1. No Additional Phases of Translation: Run Code as soon as you complete it.
  2. Don't Compile code for Separate Architecture: Code is stored in Programming Language, not in the machine so, can be run on computers using different machine languages.
What is Console, Editor, Debugger?
  1. Console: In it,, we can launch newly written code.
  2. Editor: In it,, we write the source code of the Python Program.
  3. Debugger: By Debugger,, we can launch our code step by step and allow us to inspect us at each step.
What is Source code and Source File in Python?
Python Code is called Source code while Python Code written in a file is named Source File.
Above we Discuss Some Basics of python, that would really help us in interviews.

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