Top 4 Methods To Earn Money Online

Hello-tech seekers, I hope you are fine. Most peoples ask a question in the comment section or on our Facebook page that “how to earn money online” or “is it possible to earn real money from the internet?“. So today, I going to show you how you can earn a lot of money just working for 2-3 hours. However, keep in mind that you cannot earn without hard work. There is no shortcut for earning money online, many websites offer you just to complete this task to get $100 or more but most of them are fake. So I am going to show you the top authentic methods to earn money, So, let us start.

how to earn money online

1- YouTube:

If you use a mobile, you must know about YouTube, YouTube Is the most popular site for video sharing you can earn money a lot by sharing your videos on any topic including tech, vlog, etc.

My friend/student running a vlog channel but vlogging is his hobby, he never thinks about money but with time, he is getting popular. In the next article, we will discuss how to choose the right topic according to your interest.

2- Blogging:

Do you love to write something? Then this is for you as I am writing articles is just my hobby because I am not earning from my blog. If you have good English or writing skills, you can start your new blog most popular platforms to start a new blog are WordPress or Blogger. 

These two are simple and popular platforms but if you are new then blogger is best for you because it is completely free of cost, which is good to improve your blogging skill. Then, after some time, you can easily move from Blogger to WordPress with just some clicks. So this is one of the best methods to earn a lot.

3- Freelancing:

If you have any type of digital skill you can earn a lot by giving your service as a freelancer a lot of my students are working on Fiver as a freelancer. If you have good English, you can earn by just writing some articles for your clients. However, the most popular skill through which you can earn a lot is Graphic designing or if you are interested in web development then WordPress is for you because it is most easy to learn than any other related skill.

In upcoming articles, I will tell you about choosing gigs top skills to learn in 2020, etc.

4- Google AdSense:

Friends if you are interested in blogging or you are a web/mobile app developer then Google AdSense is the best choice because Google AdSense pays you per click on an ad running on your website or app, so I think about your question, how to earn money from AdSense? It is clear now.

If you want to know how you can easily get AdSense approval for your website you should read our Adsense tricks article.

These are some basic methods for earning money online we will discuss in upcoming articles more methods to earn extra money.

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