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As we know, “Man is a social animal”. Interacting with other peoples is in the nature of human beings. Some people are super social, but some are less social than others. We must have to interact with other people in life because without interacting with the other peoples we cannot live our lives. This is the era of social media, now people interact in a different way. Before the arrival of social media, people were interacting with others physically (Hug or just Hand Shaking). Now people do interaction on social media sites. Due to social media, we can say that the world now becomes a “Global Village”. So today, I am going to share with you the top social media sites to use and their statistics.

best social media apps

List of Top Social Media Site:

  1. ·        Facebook
  2. ·        WhatsApp
  3. ·        Instagram
  4. ·        Twitter
  5. ·        Snapchat


 Before Facebook, there was no concept of social media, social media introduced with the arrival of this site. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites. Everyone who can use smartphones can use Facebook. People upload their photos, share their status, and events on Facebook. Facebook account creation is very easy you can create your account by just putting your details and your mobile number or email. The interface of Facebook is very attractive and user friendly.

Harvard undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of this site.

Now people are doing their businesses on this platform. Every company advertising its products on Facebook.

According to Statista record, “There are actively 2.6 Billion monthly active users on Facebook in 2020.

We know the total population of the world is 7 Billion and 2.6 billion users use Facebook it is one-third of the world’s total population. Facebook app has about more than 5 Billion downloads on the google play store.


WhatsApp is the most popular social media app. People can send messages, share important documents, share photos, and videos. Actually, two friends developed WhatsApp then they sold WhatsApp to Facebook.

One thing due to which everyone likes WhatsApp is its security, messages between two users always encrypted with end-to-end encryption. No third person can read your conversation.

According to BusinessOfApps WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users.


 Twitter is another most popular social media site. Mostly Professional people, big companies, organizations, celebrities, cricketers use this platform to convey their messages. People use the #hashtag to specify what they want to talk about. This is called a tweet.

According to Wikipedia, Twitter has currently 321 million users.


Instagram is one of the best platforms to share your pictures. Kevin originally developed the platform later he sold it to Facebook.

Most celebrities use this app to share their pictures with their fans.

You can also chat with your friends on Instagram.

According to Key Instagram Statistics

  • 1 billion Instagram monthly users as of June 2018.
  • 500 million daily Instagram Stories.
  • 110 million Instagram users are in the US, 70 million in Brazil, and 69 million in India.
  • 34% of Instagram users aged 25-34 and 31% are 18-24.
  • 51.2% of the globally Instagram user base is female, 48.8% male uses this platform. 

Snap Chat:

Snapchat is another popular and interesting social media app. It is interesting because of its features, for example; you can share your stories for a very short period. Now on google play store snap chat app is trending. It has billions of downloads in the google play store. Using snap chat camera you can use its different unique features.

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