Android Apps For Learning English

Learning English is fun. There are multiple sources that can help you to learn English. Some people read the newspaper, some people taking online classes, while some subscribe to YouTube Channels, Some read articles, and so on. So I am going to recommend you top android apps for learning English

how to learn english

These applications are too much helpful and they have million active users. If you like our article don't forget to share it with your friends also don't forget to give your opinion in the comment section below.


HelloTalk is one the best app for learning any language. HelloTalk is one of the best and top sources for learning and improving English language Speaking, Reading, Listening. There are groups, you get partners that help you and also they have online courses as well. You can ask questions about anything to the community. Countries like China, Asian countries, Some European countries user use this app for learning and you can learn other languages as well.

Visual Vocabulary

Visual Vocabulary is also very helpful for learning vocabulary in an easy way. This app is recommended for learning and improving your vocabulary. This app has categories like Family, travel, work, places, etc. You can try learning one subcategory each day. You can take quizzes as well and save your favorite words.

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster

This is the top dictionary for learning English. You can use it offline as well. This app has a million words database and you can find synonyms and antonyms as well. Also, this dictionary has many other advantages as well, you can use it offline, Thesaurus is available, etc.

BBC Learning English

With 1 Million+ download, this app is also the top-recommended app for learning English. You can find different tools like phrases, conversations, vocabulary, and other things. You can use this app to boost and polish your English skills.



Duolingo is also a good app for learning languages. Besides English, you can learn other English as well. You can find courses, find partners, take classes, take quizzes, and other useful things as well. This app also has 100 Million+ downloads.

This was the list of Top Apps for learning as well. If you use these apps for learning and improving Englishthese apps will help you a lot. I am really excited to share these recommendations for you. Check out my other articles as well. Let me know your opinion in the comment section below. Thanks.

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