10 Tips To Get Google Adsense Approved

As you know, getting approval from Google AdSense is one of the toughest tasks. Now it has become tough to get approval from Google AdSense. Google AdSense policies are going to be strict with the passage of time. Your site must be perfect to get Google AdSense approval easily. Today I am going to show you ten tips to get Google AdSense Approval easily.

To get your site AdSense Approved, your site must comply with Adsense policies. Tips are given below. Follow these tips for Google AdSense Approval.

Tips For Getting Google Adsense Approved:

Tip 01:

Buy your own top-level domain and a reputable web hosting service. Examples are Godaddy.com and Hostgator.com. If you buy cheap web hosting from a standard web host, initially Google might accept your application, but after a while, when your site traffic increases, Google will quickly ban your AdSense account due to the slow server speed.

Tip 02: 

The second and most vital thing these days, especially after the Google Panda Update, is selecting a topic or template for your site. It’s better to shop for a premium theme instead of free themes due to SEO optimization and other rich features. In this manner, you’ll tell Google that you are serious about your blogging profession and that you’re not a spammer.

Tip 03: 

A number of you would possibly not accept this as true with me, but I would attempt to use Blogger as your blogging platform and avoid WordPress. After Google banned thousands of Pakistani bloggers, AdSense accounts even manually checked nearly 100 blogs, and believe me or not, less than 90% of blogs were on WordPress, and really few top-level domain blogger blogs were banned by Google (as we all know, Blogger is owned by Google, so you’ll understand).

Tip 04:

Register your domain in your own name and address, and provide the same information when applying for an AdSense account. It’s better to supply a working phone number and a full address, including a zip code, also.

Tip 05:

Await at least 6 months before applying for Google AdSense. Yes, I do know this is often the most painful step and you don’t want to wait this long, but friends, we aren’t alone in this case. China and India are also with us, and Google isn’t accepting applications from these countries for 6 months.

Tip 06: 

The first 6 months of your blog require real effort and diligence. Write the maximum amount of quality and unique content you’ll be able to. This may surely leave an honest impression on the AdSense team and little questions about whether they need to partner with you.

Tip 07:

Confirm your blog has a neat and clean design and a straightforward seek-out navigation system. Recently, Google has banned many Pakistani bloggers’ accounts, saying that their blogs aren’t providing a user experience.

Tip 08:

Never apply for Google AdSense if your blog has less content and isn’t optimized consistently with Google’s terms and conditions. Confirm your blog’s privacy policy, copyright policy, Disclaimer, and About Us, and get in touch with our Us pages before applying for AdSense.

Tip 09:

Never attempt to create an AdSense account via third-party websites. If you create accounts on these websites and put ads on your blog, then you’re wasting your blog. In the future, Google will surely catch you and ban your account.

Tip 10:

Confirm that your blog has at least 300 unique visitors per day before applying for AdSense. If your blog’s main source of traffic is Facebook, then there are few chances that Google will accept your application. An attempt to optimize your blog so that it gets natural traffic from search engines instead of social networking websites.

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